sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2016

3rd Sept 2016

3rd Sept 2016!!! I had a blog for more than 1 year and I have shared with you some of important things in my life, especially the extraordinary year at Hornsund. It is a high time to leave it and start something new. I will continue writing, but my plan is to create new blog, and I will write the link here, asap. Many things are happening, last month I bought the car, had the dog very ill, visited at least 10 boats, sometimes 3 per day, met interesting people, especially on the boats and at Trapper house, had the interview for  crazy nauka: http://www.crazynauka.pl/polka-ktora-wyemigrowala-do-arktyki/ , very actively helped in transportation of 3 puppies home (the ones born at Hornsund, Karolina and Robert came here to take them home), worked as dog handler, guide, tour developer and a bus cleaner;)
I say bye bye for the moment and enjoy those nice pics with the car and Rudek:) 
The photos by: Kamil Lehmann and some dd
hmmm what do we have here...

"please let me help you, please, please, I have just made piss on your wheel, but I can help"

Rudek with pieseł face

nice moments in the life, beautiful weather, nice company, nice car, space, Arctic... 

here you can see how big Rudek is:)

and he decided to jump:)
Rudek, Lukasz, Lukasz and Kamil onboard!(dd)

happiness (dd)

jueves, 25 de agosto de 2016

25th Aug 2016

After 2 weeks at my home town, Wroclaw, I am back in Lyr. Of course it is nice, no traffic jams, interesting people, however we all  have a quite difficult- starting low season- job situation.

Anyway, good that I am/ was here again. 10 days ago my dog was very ill.  And it was a very hard fight. The local... and unique vet here.. wanted to put her into asleep, and she repeated it like 20 times!! Since there was no other option, the dog was dying, I decided to do my best to help her. After consulting Alicja Spodenkiewicz the vet and a high school friend, my brother Przemek the physician, I bought drips (what a wonderful people at the hospital that during the weekend, after explaining my situation, they sold me the medicine!!!) and with enormous help of Jarek Zajaczkowski we were able to give the medicine to the dog. 48 h without sleeping and later the dog was getting better and better. But at the beginning it was definitively intensive care. I need to thank a lot of people for their help, being patient with me and for their support:) Especially thanks to Jan Shrink, Karolina Stanislawska, Eivind, Trapper and the guests of Trapper's House.  For me tt was the most difficult time at the Arctic. You are my heroes!! 


domingo, 7 de agosto de 2016

memories ..

Just some new (- old) pics. Hornsund is so beautiful-  there is no place more beautiful, I miss it!!
I am at Arctic again;) however, i am still fixing my near future. I hope that soon I will be more stable and than I hope people can visit me in Longyearbyen:)
ice shutting, what a pleasure :)
Imperial doomdurumdooom

jueves, 28 de julio de 2016


When my dog was small and good..

I used to ski with Brzydal- the black dog

and do some skitouring with Anton, Jarek and Konrad I love skiing

Even if Jarek stopped to complain about my technique in may:)
 and some beautiful pics of Hornsund from the sea..
 and sea shore:)
spring helicopter

domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

24th Jul 2016

My brave puppies!!! :)
At home!!!! What a year!!! Thank you my dear people that I had met at the Station during the year, at short or long visit at the Base. With some of you for sure i will maintain the contact during whole my life, some of you for sure will be my friends for good and bad periods.. as it was at the base:) 
Last days were a bit strange for me. It is very rare to get used again to the city, to the noise, to the people. Walking along the street in Wroclaw (the European Cultural City 2016) I meet more people that I met during whole year at Hornsund. Thats crazy. 
I sent 10 days onboard Horyzont II (first transporting dogs to LYR, sail to Kaffieyra and Calypso and later way to Gdynia) it was difficult for me since the water and storms are not what I really enjoy :) However.. I am at home, Wroclaw, I miss Spitsbergen, the quiet beautiful places, the Nature, I am missing my dog (that need to stay at Svalbard 1 month more) whole the time. In 1 week I come back to Longyearbyen and I will do my best in my new job, half time unfortunately, but maybe I will find something more. I want to stay more time in Arctic, I love it!! :)

taking dogs to the ship, Horyzont II, photo by Karolina Michalczewska

My plan is to upload some old pics, visit the blog sometimes;)

sábado, 2 de julio de 2016

2nd July 2016

So... we are on the Wall of the History;) when you will visit Hornsund find me on the wall;)